What are the Advantages of Mediation in NJ?

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During these stressful days, divorce or legal separation can make it overwhelming for couples in New Jersey and across the United States. There is an array of emotions attached to divorce and these feelings can make it difficult to create a comprehensive divorce settlement. In some cases, however, couples... read more

Ways to Increase the Odds of Agreeing on a Parenting Plan

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Perhaps you and your future former spouse struggled to reach a point where you could agree to work out your custody arrangements and parenting plan without going to court. You may know that this is no small feat considering the emotional upheaval going on in your lives right now.... read more

End your marriage on a positive note with mediation

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The thought of having to go through the divorce process may be unappealing to you, as divorce is often a contentious process. This is especially true if you and your spouse have already had trouble reconciling your differences prior to filing divorce papers. Fortunately, not every divorce proceeding in... read more

Mediation Vs. Arbitration in a New Jersey Divorce

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Mediation is not new to the world of divorce. People come to my office all the time and ask, “Do you mediate?” Almost every case at some point is going to be mediated. There are multiple components of your case that will be mediated. Parenting time is usually the... read more