Having a Prenup Can Set a Solid Foundation for Your Upcoming Marriage

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Getting married? Congratulations! It’s a romantic time, full of love, expectation and happy celebrations. But amidst all these festivities, New Jersey couples should set some time aside for the practicalities that come with legal unions — like whether to consider a prenuptial agreement (a.k.a., a prenup). While no one... read more

A Prenuptial Agreement May Protect Your Assets Long Term

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As you prepare to walk down the aisle, you may be excited to live in marital bliss long term with your one and only. The truth is, though, that not all marriages last for one reason or another. Irreconcilable differences can easily push two people apart over time. For... read more

Starting a Blended Family? Tips for a Successful Transition

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More and more couples are finding love a second time. Whether the first relationship ended due to divorce or death of a partner, a study by the Pew Research Center found that many individuals over the age 55 find love a second time; 67 percent of these individuals, to... read more

Lesson from the Bezos divorce: Protect your business interests

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Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos recently announced his divorce from his wife of 25 years. Whether the owner of one of the highest valued businesses in the world or just getting a start-up going, this divorce provides a very important lesson to business owners — protect your business interests. Since... read more

New Year Triggers New Alimony Laws

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The new year has brought many changes — including the start of new tax laws. One specific area to pay close attention to: the change to rules regarding tax obligations and alimony payments. Tax law and alimony: Deduction lost Previous tax law allowed the individual making the alimony payment... read more

Drafting a prenup: what to include and what to avoid

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A prenuptial agreement is an important contract for many couples. But before drafting one and actually signing one, there are a couple of things that the couple must do. First, they must have a detailed conversation about their relationship and the issues relating to a prenup. This is crucial.... read more

New Jersey Divorce Attorney Discusses Prenuptial Agreements

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As an accomplished New Jersey Divorce Attorney, clients often ask me about prenuptial agreements. The important thing on prenups is identifying financial disclosure. In New Jersey, a prenup is governed by a statute and our legislature says you can do a prenup for basically anything. Except for an unconscionable... read more

Prenuptial versus postnuptial agreements

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Ending a marriage can be one of the most traumatic experiences any person can go through. However, some people in New Jersey have found that having a prenuptial agreement in place eased the divorce process. It not only made it less traumatic, but it also saved them a lot... read more