New Tax Law, New Divorce Plans: When to consider a trust

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Uncle Sam plays a role in pretty much any financial transaction that happens inside the United States — even in some that happen outside of our country, but that is fodder for a different post. This post focuses on the role the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) plays in divorce.... read more

Three Ways the New Tax Law Changed Divorce Negotiations

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Recent tax reform has changed the role taxes play during divorce. As a result, the old rules regarding divorce and taxes are often outdated. Three specific areas of divorce that were impacted include: Alimony. The new tax law removed the tax benefit that came with alimony. In the past, those... read more

New Year Triggers New Alimony Laws

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The new year has brought many changes — including the start of new tax laws. One specific area to pay close attention to: the change to rules regarding tax obligations and alimony payments. Tax law and alimony: Deduction lost Previous tax law allowed the individual making the alimony payment... read more

Jersey City Sued Over Payroll Tax

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Jersey City being sued over “unconstitutional” payroll tax @Law360 #Taxlaw @ClarkAlpertEsq — Weiner Law Group LLP (@WeinerLawLLP) December 12, 2018 read more