Three Ways to End a Business Partnership in NJ

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As we look forward to plans for 2024, we may find that business partnerships, like marriage, do not always end as expected. Some business relationships work as well as one may hope and the business thrives. Others become contentious and partners realize it is best to go their separate... read more

Weiner Law Group Partners Present Program on Business Divorce

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Jay McDaniel, Chair of the Business and Corporate Law Department and Amy Gould, a trust and estates partner, will speak at a program April 27, 2023 on Business Divorce presented by the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education (NJICLE) . Also speaking at “Happily Business Divorced 2023” are... read more

Valuating a New Jersey Business When a Partner Wants Out

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You started out as a solid team, investing the time, money and effort needed to build a thriving New Jersey business. But like many businesses, changing circumstances as time goes on can put your partnership in jeopardy. A partner may wish to leave the business for any one of... read more

Business Divorce: Four Tips for a Smoother Separation

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“Breaking up is hard to do,” so sang Neil Sedaka in his hit song from 1960. Sure, it can be hard, but not always. Whether it’s a marriage or business relationship that’s on the rocks, breaking up can be made easier when there’s been some legal preparation and an... read more

Important Considerations When Closing a New Jersey Business

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Businesses close for any number of reasons. Unfortunately, some have been unable to make it through conditions brought about by the pandemic. Others close because the business owner is ready to move on to a new endeavor, be it retirement or another market. And others close because the business... read more

Does a Patent Add Value to Your Business?

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A patent is a legal tool that allows the holder to protect their innovative ideas. If granted, a patent serves to exclude others from using, making or selling the item protected by the patent for set period of time. But does this asset provide value to a business? If... read more