Starting a Blended Family? Tips for a Successful Transition

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More and more couples are finding love a second time. Whether the first relationship ended due to divorce or death of a partner, a study by the Pew Research Center found that many individuals over the age 55 find love a second time; 67 percent of these individuals, to... read more

Giving Children a Voice in the Custody Schedule

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Parents in New Jersey who have worked hard to co-parent amicably and provide two stable environments for their child may be surprised when the child announces that it is not working. After all, reducing conflict is supposed to lessen the negative stressors of the divorce, and creating strong parent-child... read more

Can I Move Away With the Kids After Divorce?

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As COVID-19 has taught us, life changes fast and sometimes unexpectedly. Your marriage set you on a new path, and each of your children altered your life in some way. You have likely gone through job changes and perhaps a move or two with your family. Now, you have... read more

The Opioid Crisis and Changing Family Dynamics

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As the opioid crisis continues to have a firm grip on individuals in New Jersey and across the nation, countless children are left in tricky and desperate situations. Child custody is an area that has extended beyond typical family separations and into a widespread public issue. New Jersey, along... read more

Protecting Your Role as a Parent After Divorce

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New Jersey parents want nothing more than to retain strong relationships with their children after divorce. The end of your marriage does not mean an end to your role as a loving and active parent, and you have the right to protect that. Fighting for your parental rights may... read more

Putting your best foot forward in a custody battle

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You may already be feeling the pain of separation from your child, whether you are divorcing the child’s other parent or have never been married. You may have some visitation rights, or perhaps you have full custody and the other parent is challenging that custody in court. The odds... read more