No Breach of Agreement When a Later Contract is Integrated

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Does an Integration Clause Void Terms from an Earlier Written Contract? An integrated contract is the definitive statement of one or more terms of an agreement, fully expressing the intent of the parties involved. This means it encompasses all previous agreements, making them obsolete, and prevents either party from... read more

Weiner Law Group Obtains TRO on behalf of Northeast Supreme

Business Litigation Weiner Law Group LLP.

In Northeast Supreme v. Northeast Angels Softball, et al., Weiner Law Group lawyers Paul Grossman and Chris Seelinger obtained a Temporary Restraining Order (on 11/4/22) and Preliminary Injunction (on 12/2/22) enjoining the Defendants from infringing the Plaintiff’s unregistered trademark under the Lanham Act. The case is in Southern District... read more

Weiner Law Group Removes Personal Injury Lawsuit to NJ District Court

Litigation Weiner Law Group LLP.

Lawyers at the Weiner Law Group on Thursday removed a personal injury lawsuit against Costco and RG Union LLC to New Jersey District Court. The case is 2:22-cv-05916, Eweka v. Costco Wholesale Corp. et al. Organizations such as Costco rely on Weiner Law Group’s experience to protect their interests... read more