What Happens to a Business When the Owner gets Divorced?

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Divorce results in the division of marital property. When a divorce involves a business owner, the business may be subject to division. Business owners can take steps to avoid this, such as the use of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. However, absent a business owner’s active attempts to keep... read more

Three Ways the New Tax Law Changed Divorce Negotiations

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Recent tax reform has changed the role taxes play during divorce. As a result, the old rules regarding divorce and taxes are often outdated. Three specific areas of divorce that were impacted include: Alimony. The new tax law removed the tax benefit that came with alimony. In the past, those... read more

Lesson from the Bezos divorce: Protect your business interests

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Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos recently announced his divorce from his wife of 25 years. Whether the owner of one of the highest valued businesses in the world or just getting a start-up going, this divorce provides a very important lesson to business owners — protect your business interests. Since... read more

Divorce in New Jersey: The Basics of the CIS

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Divorce is a creature of state law. As such, the exact process used to navigate a divorce will vary in each state. In New Jersey, those who go through a divorce generally need to complete a Case Information Statement (CIS). The court will use this form to help guide... read more

Property division can be major source of division in divorce

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As you head for divorce, you are naturally worried about all of the belongings you and your spouse have accumulated over the years. Who will end up getting which items as part of your divorce proceeding? Unfortunately, property division remains a major source of conflict among divorcing couples. Here... read more