Breach of Contract Under New Jersey Law: What You Need to Know

Breach of Contract Weiner Law Group LLP.

Agreements are what make the business world go ‘round. It’s the interdependence of companies and individuals that fuels business progress and, ultimately, success. So important are these agreements that they become contracts — legally binding documents that hold both parties accountable for agreed-upon actions/tasks. In New Jersey and in... read more

Weiner Law Group Obtains Emergency TRO on Behalf of Waramaug LS Hotels

Business Law Weiner Law Group LLP.

In Waramaug LS Hotels, et al. v. Jiang Cheng USA, Weiner Law Group lawyers Paul Grossman, Michael Mietlicki, and Chris Seelinger obtained an emergency Temporary Restraining Order on 12/12/22, less than 24 hours after filing the complaint, enjoining the Defendant from violating a Delaware LLC operating agreement. The case... read more

June 24th Webinar: “Assessing the Value of Small Businesses: Owner Disputes and Minority Discounts”

Breach of Contract Jay McDaniel

Jay McDaniel, who heads the Business Divorce Group, will speak about the issues involved in the valuation of minority interests in ownership disputes involving closely held businesses on June 24, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. The program, Assessing the Value of Small Businesses: Understanding Minority Discounts in Operating Agreements and... read more

Valuating a New Jersey Business When a Partner Wants Out

Business Divorce Weiner Law Group LLP.

You started out as a solid team, investing the time, money and effort needed to build a thriving New Jersey business. But like many businesses, changing circumstances as time goes on can put your partnership in jeopardy. A partner may wish to leave the business for any one of... read more

Business Divorce: Four Tips for a Smoother Separation

Business Divorce Weiner Law Group LLP.

“Breaking up is hard to do,” so sang Neil Sedaka in his hit song from 1960. Sure, it can be hard, but not always. Whether it’s a marriage or business relationship that’s on the rocks, breaking up can be made easier when there’s been some legal preparation and an... read more