Three Ways to End a Business Partnership in NJ

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As we look forward to plans for 2024, we may find that business partnerships, like marriage, do not always end as expected. Some business relationships work as well as one may hope and the business thrives. Others become contentious and partners realize it is best to go their separate... read more

Breach of Contract Under New Jersey Law: What You Need to Know

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Agreements are what make the business world go ‘round. It’s the interdependence of companies and individuals that fuels business progress and, ultimately, success. So important are these agreements that they become contracts — legally binding documents that hold both parties accountable for agreed-upon actions/tasks. In New Jersey and in... read more

Accused of Corporate Fraud? Early Legal Action is Key

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Success is a concept fundamental to running a business. Companies exist to serve the needs customers, and to maximize profitability in the process. While many New Jersey businesses have adopted stringent corporate governance practices to protect against malfeasance, cases of corporate fraud and white-collar crime arise and are litigated... read more

How Can I Identify a “Problem” Client?

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If you’re a business owner in New Jersey, you likely know that clients are integral to making your commercial enterprise a success. However, some clients will push you to your limits, which is not only frustrating but can also lead to legal issues down the line. Forbes recommends looking for... read more

Important Considerations When Closing a New Jersey Business

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Businesses close for any number of reasons. Unfortunately, some have been unable to make it through conditions brought about by the pandemic. Others close because the business owner is ready to move on to a new endeavor, be it retirement or another market. And others close because the business... read more

Does a Patent Add Value to Your Business?

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A patent is a legal tool that allows the holder to protect their innovative ideas. If granted, a patent serves to exclude others from using, making or selling the item protected by the patent for set period of time. But does this asset provide value to a business? If... read more

Understanding New Jersey Patent Infringement

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As reported by The National Law Review, patent litigation filings have increased in conjunction with the COVID-19 Pandemic. When you are a patent holder in New Jersey, it is typically in your best interests to protect this patent. At the Weiner Law Group, LLP, we understand it is important... read more